Explain three of the four common mistakes (traps) negotiators make

I have 5 questions need to be answers for management class

and the answers from the book from chapter 1 to 5

the answers should be short

here is the book link



1- Explain three of the four common mistakes (traps) negotiators make. Describe two reasons why these mistakes occur?

2- When preparing for a negotiation, what process should the negotiator follow ? what questions should the negotiator ask within each area of preparation (name at least three pre area)

3-  What are the main differences between a purely distributive negotiation situation and negotiation situation with integrative potential ( name at least three ) ? Describe two distributive ( pie – slicing ) strategies as well as two integrative ( pie – expanding ) strategies ?

4- What does win – win negotiation really mean ? What are some ( two ) of the misperceptions about the meaning of win – win negotiation ? How does a negotiator realize that win – Win solutions could be possible ( name two telltale signs of integrative potential ) ?

5- What are the most important points ( explain three ) about emotion that a negotiator should understand in order to reach optimal negotiation outcomes ?

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