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Explain and analyse in relation to your company, with the use of models when necessary.

Only PPT and graph for it .

Do only PPT for it. please include graphs to explain the information well and I also need a PowerPoint with it

2. Graphs of customers behaviour and comparison between primary and secondary data

MR 1 (Honours) Business Studies

Marketing Research

Fall semester 2018

Module Leader: Kim M. Adamsen

Description Written Assessment

Grading:of total mark

Deadline:  Written Report due by Friday 19th October at 18.00 . If your paper is not handed in by the deadline in both paper format and electronically, you will be awarded a 0 marks.


• Written report in Word, one printed copy to hand in to the tutor and one electronic copy.

• The document must have a front page with:

o Your name

o The assignment number

o The name of the course

o The title of your paper

o The date

• The document should have page numbers on the bottom right hand corner of each page.

• The font used should be Calibri 11.

• The electronic files must:

o Be named as follows: SURNAME_Name_MR1_WA_DATE

o Be uploaded on “Remind”.

o Hard copy to Professor Kim M. Adamsen

• The document should have the following sections:

o Executive Summary

o Content Outline (Index)

o Context

o Body of content (elements outlined below)

o Conclusion

o References

Length: 1,500- 2,000 words


Select a company that you would like to create or work with.

Explain and analyse in relation to your company, with the use of models when necessary, the following elements:

• The company’s problem and the reason for why the company need to make a Marketing Research study

• What are the Marketing Research objectives? What information must be collected to solve the problem? And why? From whom will it be gathered? And how?

• What Marketing Research Methodology or Methodologies will you use? And why?

• Statement of deliverables, and why?

• What will the costs be?

• Timetable for research phases

Please note:

You will be asked to make a presentation in class during November 2018, where you will be evaluated on both the report and the presentation of it, on the following parameters:

• Preparation

• Referencing & Research

• Design & Structure

• Research Objectives

• Research Methodology

• Each spelling mistake = -1 point in the marking

• Copying will not be tolerated (text nor images). You are expected to reference content that you use from other sources.