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experimental psychology

Why FTF is important in an era of videoconfer-encing. I have already said that SCiP has become an in-creasingly intimate conference, and I believe that we need to continue to move in that direction. In recent years, state budgets have shrunk, and colleges and universities have come under increasing attack. Next year, for example, aid from the state of Ohio to my institution, Miami University, will shrink to less than 10% of its annual operating bud-get. The remainder must be made up by tuition, external grants, and other sources. Faculty travel and professional development are likely to face further setbacks for the foreseeable future.Videoconferencing is an attractive alternative, and we should experiment with the possibilities of hosting and facilitating videoconferencing. However, although it is possible to use the Web to deliver scientific content, pro-viding opportunities for informal exchanges and building relationships via videoconferencing has remained elusive. There has been discussion in the steering committee that we should head toward a cycle of face-to-face meetings in the fall, and some kind of more targeted Internet-based videoconference in the spring. I applaud the movement in this direction and believe that we will thrive as long as we continue to experiment.