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Expanding the cognitive perspective on negotiation.

Plan for on-site first aid actions After analysing all of the information gathered, use the outcomes to develop a strategic plan for implementing cultural heritage first aid, outlining the following: 1 The predicted time period, size and scope, costs and objectives of on-site operations. 2 The roles and responsibilities of the institutions, emergency actors, cultural first aiders and volunteer groups involved. 3 The formal permissions and community-based consultations necessary to begin on-site assessments and security and stabilisation measures. 4 The communication plan: what means of communication will be used? Who will be in charge? 5 The preparation and resources required for doing onsite work, including specific pre-event documentation for cultural heritage assets, and lists of emergency supplies and equipment needed for on-site work. 6 The type of on-site training or orientation required by volunteers and emergency responders prior to first aid. 7 The safety and quality control criteria for implementing first aid. 8 The criteria and modes of evaluation: who will do the evaluation? How? 9 The monitoring regime: who will do it? What will be the time frame