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exciton dynamics within phosphorescent OLEDs.

One of the major obstacles to poverty reduction through economic growth and job creation in developing countries is an electricity supply that is insufficient, unreliable or unaffordable. More than 1.3 billion people around the world lack access to electricity. This stifles investment, increases costs of goods and services, and often forces families to seek electricity sources that are expensive and environmentally unfriendly. An unreliable source of electricity can hamper the delivery of critical services like health care and reduce job opportunities, particularly for the poor and socially disadvantaged.

Country-led development is a core principle of MCC investments. Many of MCC’s partner countries identify and prioritize electricity investments as a building block for the economic development of their countries and the well-being of their citizens. MCC invests in the electricity sector to create self-sustaining electricity systems to meet current and future household and business electricity needs and attract private investment to stimulate economic growth.