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Estimating Air Friction in Triangular Ducts,

Unit collector is a term usually applied to small fabric
collectors having capacities in the 200-2000 cfm range. They
have integral air movers, feature small space requirements and
simplicity of installation. In most applications cleaned air is
recirculated, although discharge ducts may be used if the
added resistance is within the capability ofthe air mover. One
of the primary advantages of unit collectors is a reduction in
the amount of duct required, as opposed to central systems,
and the addition of discharge ducts to unit collectors negates
that advantage.
When cleaned air is to be recirculated, a number ofprecautions are required (see Chapter 7).
Unit collectors are used extensively to fill the need for dust
collection from isolated, portable, intermittently used or frequently relocated dust producing operations. Typically, a
single collector serves a single dust source with the energy
saving advantage that the collector must operate only when
that particular dust producing machine is in operation.
Figure 4-15 shows a typical un it collector. Usually they are
the intermittent-duty, shaker-type in envelope configuration.
Woven fabric is nearly always used. Automatic fabric cleaning is preferred. Manual methods without careful scheduling
and supervision are unreliable.