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Essential Unity of Religions.

According to the Traditionalists, there are primordial and universal religious truths which are at the foundations of all major world religions. The Traditionalists speak of “absolute Truth and infinite Presence”.[1] Absolute Truth is “the perennial wisdom (sophia perennis) that stands as the transcendent source of all the intrinsically orthodox religions of humankind.”[1]According to Traditionalists, “the primordial and perennial truth” is manifested in a variety of religious and spiritual traditions.[2] Infinite Presence is “the perennial religion (religio perennis) that lives within the heart of all intrinsically orthodox religions.”[1] According to Frithjof Schuon,

The term philosophia perennis, which has been current since the time of the Renaissance and of which neo-scholasticism made much use, signifies the totality of the primordial and universal truths — and therefore of the metaphysical axioms — whose formulation does not belong to any particular system. One could speak in the same sense of a religio perennis, designating by this term the essence of every religion; this means the essence of every form of worship, every form of prayer, and every system of morality, just as the sophia perennis is the essence of all dogmas and all expressions of wisdom.[3]

Although the Traditionalist school is often said to be a “perennial philosophy”, its members prefer the term sophia perennis (“perennial wisdom”).[4] According to Frithjof Schuon,

We prefer the term sophia to that of philosophia, for the simple reason that the second term is less direct and because it evokes in addition associations of ideas with a completely profane and all too often aberrant system of thought.[3]