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Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy

In the human childhood experience and development, transitional objects are used. Transitional objects are usually, physical objects that replace the mother to child bond. The most common objects used can be dolls, teddy bears and blankets. When the child is developing from a dependent to an independent person, there is a sense of satisfaction that she needs from the mother because as he or she is growing up, they see themselves and the mother as complete (Kirshner 2010); (Segal 2018). When Maria was being tortured by her birth father physically and emotionally, she ran to her mother for solace. Therefore, the child used her mother as a desire created to bring satisfaction, while also using the objective reality experience to independently seek objects of desire such as dolls and teddy bears. Afterward, when the child is independent, they realize that the mother and child bond is a deferent entity, thus telling that the child has lost something when they separate with the mother. Therefore, the child becomes dependent on others later on in their life, thus losing the idea that they are independent (Fonagy 2010). In the case of Maria, she depended on her current boyfriend as solace and comfort after she was giving him details of her past life and how it has affected her present life. With this realization of dependence when the child thinks they are independent,