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ergonomics of human factors engineering

Industrial and management systems engineers focus on improving performance for an entire system: productivity, quality, cost, safety, sustainability, employee health and market enhancement. Examples of typical systems that industrial engineers can be found include manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and distribution, retail environments, government agencies, financial institutions – virtually any product or service that has complex processes. We balance inputs to achieve the greatest good for the organization and society – the right combination of human resources, natural resources and man-made structures and equipment. Professionals in this field bridge the gap between management and operations, motivating people in addition to determining what equipment, information, etc., should be used and how.

The Department offers a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering; master’s degrees in industrial engineering, industrial hygiene and safety management; and PhD programs in industrial engineering and occupational health and safety. Our faculty work extensively with students in such areas as communication skills, personal growth and development, creation of summer internship opportunities, a senior capstone project experience and permanent job opportunities.