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Equity vs. Equality: Steps Toward Equity

Solving for X (In a Culturally Responsive CLassroom)

X + 4 = 10X (+ 4) = 10 (- 4)X = 6The left side of this equation is X‘s neighborhood. X is the top dog in his ‘hood and doesn’t like anyone else on his turf. Solving for X implies that X must be alone in its own neighborhood. When a number leaves the X dog’s block, it must change its operation. A positive number will become a negative number, for example.

Creating Similies (In a Culturally Responsive Classroom)

The crowd fell silent and was frozen in anticipation. Kobe Bryant soared like a bird over the court. Like an eagle, he flew over LeBron James and dunked the ball. The basket was a big nest, and nothing could stop him.