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Environmental Policy and Coordination Sub-Component

he mandate of the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources (MEMR) is to “to protect, conserve and manage the environment and mineral resources through sustainable exploitation for socio-economic and political development” and its mission is “to promote, conserve, protect, monitor and sustainably manage the environment and mineral resources for national development”. MEMR is supported under sub-component 1.1 in alignment with MEMR’s Strategic Plan 2008-2012, which has the following strategic objectives:

  • Improving institutional, policy, legal and regulatory framework for a sustainable environment that allows effective coordination at horizontal and vertical levels of government and with the private sector and civil society; 
  • Mainstreaming environmental, climate and mineral concerns into overall planning, implementation and monitoring of government and partners, so as to reduce environmental degradation and strengthen the role of environment and natural resources in reducing poverty; 
  • Ensuring that all units within ministerial departments and partners have clear roles and mandates, with sufficient trained staff and resources to implement and monitor their responsibilities effectively and efficiently; 
  • Raising real awareness of the importance of environmental matters within national and local political leaders stressing social and economic importance as well as ecological consequences.

The sub-component has a total budget of DKK 28 Million (approximately KSH 400 Million). 

Environmental Management Sub-Component 

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has the objective to exercise general supervision and coordination over all matters relating to the environment and to be the principal instrument of the Government of Kenya in the implementation of all policies relating to the environment. 

The mission of NEMA is to 1) Safeguard, restore and enhance the quality of the environment through coordination and supervision of stakeholders for sustainable development; 2) Exercise general supervision and coordination over all matters relating to the environment and implementation of environmental law; and 3) Supervise and coordinate all environmental matters and implement all policies relating to the environment for sustainable development. The design of the NRMP’s support to NEMA is based on the NEMA Strategic Plan 2008-2012 and it will support the following strategic objectives: