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Entrepreneurship and Regional Development,

Facing the era of Asian Economic Community (AEC) in early 2016, the people of Indonesia will face strong competition flow, characterized by the enactment of the free flow of goods, the free flow of services, the free flow of investment, the free flow of capital, and the free flow of labor. Therefore, in the face of these conditions, then it is time for governments, the private sector, and communities that are in unity to work together to make Indonesia self-sufficient by creating strength in various fields especially in the economic field. Then the expected change in the mindset of the consumer patterns towards productive personality-driven entrepreneurship. It can be argued that the entrepreneurial personality is dynamic accumulation of physical and psychological shape the character of the entrepreneurial person to behave and act. Entrepreneurial personality can be demonstrated by the ability of individuals discover, assess and take advantage of business opportunities through entrepreneurial potential. In this regard, there are many students who engage in their efforts to produce products or services or ideas, or ideas that are a novelty. In fact, not a few alumni oriented job seekers and not many alumni-oriented job creators. This indicates the low values of entrepreneurship among student’s personality. The education process is the activity of personality formation that takes place in a person who will shape the attitudes and behaviors as the accumulation of physical and psychological elements embodied in a person’s character. The values of the personality in question, including a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intentions, entrepreneurship competence, and confidence.