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Entrepreneurial Leadership


As the manager of the team you are unable to achieve all your objectives by yourself. The greatest managers know how to tap into the power and strengths of people in their teams. They are then able to delegate effectively to those they know will get the job done. All delegation must be clear and supported by the manager. Delegation is not abdication and the manager must always have a back-up plan in case things do not turn out as expected as they are still ultimately responsible.

3. Motivating Others

Each person is motivated in different ways. The skill of a great manager is finding out what motivates every single person and using that knowledge to get the best out of them. Whilst we can have a good guess what this is, one of the best ways is to ask them!

4. Organising & Task Management

As a role model for your colleagues you need to find an efficient way of organising and prioritising the work. Even if this is not necessarily your strong point, build systems and procedures for your team to follow. Know the best organisers in the team and utilise their strengths to make the team work better. All task management systems must work for the individual manager if they are to be successful. Think back to what has worked best for you in other areas of your life and transfer these skills to gain similar results.