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Entity performance tuning

One of the main characteristics of OLAP is ____________.

[removed]a. advanced database support 
[removed]b. easy to use end user interfaces 
[removed]c. multidimensional data analysis techniques 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.

Which of the following techniques is NOT used to optimize data warehouse design?

[removed]a. Denormalizing dimensional tables 
[removed]b. Partitioning and replicating tables 
[removed]c. Denormalizing fact tables 
[removed]d. Maintaining multiple fact tables

The _______ clause in a materialized view indicates when the rows are actually populated.

[removed]a. DEFERRED 
[removed]b. REFRESH 
[removed]c. BUILD 
[removed]d. IMMEDIATE

Which type of OLAP would be best suited for the relational database environment?

[removed]a. ROLAP 
[removed]b. MOLAP 
[removed]c. DOLAP 
[removed]d. None of these choices are correct.

A modern BI system provides which of the following distinctive reporting styles?

[removed]a. advanced data analytics 
[removed]b. both “advanced reporting” and “advanced data analytics” 
[removed]c. advanced reporting 
[removed]d. None of these choices are correct.

A(n) _______ in a star schema is a qualifying characteristic that provides additional perspective to a fact.

[removed]a. dimension 
[removed]b. attribute 
[removed]c. fact 
[removed]d. attribute hierarchy