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Entertainment and fine arts

Oracle Multimedia enables you to develop either traditional client/server or two-tier applications, or multitier applications. Either method can then deploy Web applications to run on an application server tier, be tightly integrated with Oracle Database, and enable users to access the application from their desktop through a Web browser.

Using a complete development framework supported by class library interfaces, you can create production quality Oracle Multimedia applications for use in a production environment where users can interact with the application through either the standalone client interface or a Web browser. For Web applications, which are based on standards such as TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, XML, and XHTML, this capability is facilitated by rapid developments in the underlying technology. As key software components become more tightly integrated, developers’ tasks to design, create, and manage Web applications become faster, easier, and simpler to implement.

Using either the object type interface or the relational interface, Oracle Multimedia provides Internet support for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database and authoring tools so you can quickly develop Web-based applications to upload to the database, retrieve from it, and manipulate multimedia data for delivery to Web browsers.

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