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Employment Rights and Responsibilities

The various labour related statutes relate to 13,300 collective bargaining relationships in Ontario covering approximately 1.7 million workers. Of those, DRSusually provides conciliation and mediation assistance in 2,500-3,500 collective bargaining relationships each year. As of March 31, 2015 DRS managed more than 2,315 new requests for conciliation and mediation assistance. In recent years, DRShas reported settlements without a work disruption in more than 97% of these negotiations.

The program fosters productive workplace relationships throughout Ontario by making the credible and neutral source of labour relations information available to bargaining parties and providing assistance with collective bargaining negotiations that have reached an impasse. DRS provides employers, unions, members of the public and government with statistics, analysis and information on patterns and trends in collective bargaining. It also maintains copies onsite of over 13,300 collective agreements covering unionized employees in Ontario and all rights and interest arbitration awards, which are available to assist workplace parties in bargaining and administering their collective agreements.

The program continues to support other ministries, the private sector, municipalities and the education and health sectors, by providing mediation and arbitration services, and neutral collective bargaining information. The program is seeking to maintain a settlement rate of 95% or better of collective bargaining disputes resolved without a work stoppage and will continue to provide expert labour relations advice and neutral collective bargaining dispute resolution services to facilitate settlements without a work disruption. In 2014-15, 98.2% of collective bargaining disputes were resolved without a work stoppage.

2014/15 (as of March 18, 2015)98.2%95%


DRS receives and processes approximately 2,000 requests for the appointment of interest and rights arbitrators each year. Appointments of arbitrators are made from a list of individuals who are qualified to act under Ministerial appointment. This roster is maintained in association with the Labour-Management Advisory Committee (LMAC) which advises the Minister on matters pertaining to arbitration, thus ensuring that experienced and acceptable persons are available for appointments.

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