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employee records and personal policies

This means that it covers the hiring, firing, pay and perks, and performance management.[7] This first definition is the modern and traditional version more like what a personnel manager would have done back in the 1920s. [7] The second definition is that HRM circles the ideas of management of people in organizations from a macromanagement perspective like customers and competitors in a marketplace. [7] This involves the focus on making the “employment relationship” fulfilling for both management and employees. [7]

Some research showed that employees can perform at a much higher rate of productivity when their supervisors and managers paid more attention to them. [6] The Father of Human relations, Elton Mayo, was the first person to reinforces the importance of employee communications, cooperation, and involvement. [6] His studies concluded that sometimes the human factors are more important than physical factors, such as quality of lighting and physical workplace conditions. As a result, in today’s society, individuals often value more in how their feels than in other workplace environments. [6] For example, the rewarding system in Human resource management applied effectively, as in, all the employee’s work should be valued and awarded, can further encourage them to achieve their best performance.