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Emotional and Unemotional Cues’

First we need to figure out how can we give agent the ability to experience emotions just as we understand them. Secondly it needs a way to communicate with the human players, to show its actions in the game and reactions to other players actions. The next step is to find a way for it to deceive the other players while interacting with them through its regular means of communication. This makes us think about what information does our Agent needs, in order to be able to deceive, whether it is knowledge about the other player’s hidden cards or how much advantage each player already has in the game state. Finally we need to find a suitable environment for our Agent, selecting which card game it will play and why, how many other players will there be in the game, how will the game state information be displayed for both the human players and the Agent player and how much interactivity will be provided to the players.