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elements of sustainability

Country USA Name of the media format GOOD ( Media genre Cross-media platform, consisting of: • Print Magazine • Videos • Live Events • Website Name of the campaign/project n.a. Short description of media format GOOD Inc. was founded in 2006 as a private initiative by Ben Goldhirsh, heir of Inc. Magazine’s creator Bernie Goldhirsh. The company offers several media & communication products including a quarterly generalinterest print magazine, a website providing a virtual community with several communication tools, videos available on multiple online portals, and live events in different US-cities. All GOOD products focus on social issues, politics, culture and sustainable living. They treat sustainability by blending wit, commentary and entertainment and use a fresh visual aesthetic. One central part of the company’s business strategy is to have all of its subscription fees go entirely to charity. Short description of campaign/project n.a. Duration Open Ended Background/history Launched in September 2006 by then 26-year-old Ben Goldhirsh, who invested part of the fortune he inherited from his father in the project. GOOD started as a spin-off of Ben’s film production company “Reason Pictures” which he founded to make relevant, yet entertaining movies. With GOOD, Ben felt he could have a larger influence on society than with Reason Pictures. Motivation/goals • Serving the community by providing relevant content, experiences, and utilities. • Providing a platform for the ideas, people, and businesses that are driving change towards a better world. • Reshaping the discourse on important social topics. Sustainability topics addressed • Social & ethical topics • Environmental topics • Economical topics • Health topics Strategy to promote sustainability • Simultaneously educate and entertain. • Present sustainability information in a stylish, entertaining way and offer a positive perspective on the topic. • Present inspiring examples of people or institutions that have developed creative ways to approach sustainability and social justice. • Cross-media strategy to reach different target groups.