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effects of depression,

The issues that are disturbing Maria are depression, anxiety, and loneliness which has affected all her relationships both with her siblings and her boyfriends. In the first case, Maria is frustrated that she is always late for the therapy sessions where she is anxious and guilty of her manner of lateness. Maria is anxious because she feels like failure to her father in a big way because she finds herself in situations that make her weak and unable to free herself from the problems of her past (Akin 2010). Her nervous nature is shown when she decides to teach the therapist how it has been challenging to maintain a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Paulo and current boyfriend who instead of helping Maria he chose to use Maria’s weakness and the story of her past to use it against her when the relationship is not okay. The main problem with Maria is that she was abused while she was young by her step-father.

After the divorce of her birth father with her mother, her stepfather moved to their home to stay with her mother. However, the stepfather was a drunkard but a nice person with an affectionate heart and strict in a nice way than her birth father. This strictness was to prevent Maria and her siblings from mixing with the wrong people in the society. One day when her stepfather was out from having drinks, he was drunk, and she took Maria to his room and sexually abused her making her feel as she had betrayed her mother. Her depression was caused by the fact that she felt disgusted and dirty about herself after being sexually abused by her stepfather who was an alcoholic (Akin 2010); (Segal 2018). Also, she could not tell her mother what had transpired between her and her stepfather, thus leading to depression and stress in her entire life.

Therefore, due to the isolation of depression, Maria was feeling lonely because her past life was affecting her relationships with her boyfriend who was using her story against her when she does not make him happy. Her anxiety is caused by the fact that her stepfather abused her and she is not able to share her experience with her mother who will feel betrayed by her daughter. Therefore, the things that Maria was not able to deal with are hurting inside her for the years that she has been hurting it has led to depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Therefore, because of family, Maria was not able to share her past experiences, and she just swept her feelings under the mat and pretended that they did not happen at all and now the previous experience is haunting her life and her relationship.