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Effective Communication

When attempting to address workplace conflicts, it is helpful to be aware that there are a variety of resources on campus to address problems in an attempt to settle differences and prevent grievances. In addition to the Faculty Staff Assistance Program, there are also the following offices:

Ombuds Office: Can act as a mediator prior to and/or in place of the grievance process. There is an Ombuds Officer for Faculty (405-1901) and for Staff (405-5795).

Staff Relations: They can be helpful in spelling out your formal and informal options and can guide you through the grievance process, but be aware that in a formal grievance, they represent the university. Also can provide information on policies and procedures. 405-5651.

Center for Leadership and Organizational Change : Provides training and facilitation services on a larger scale, working with quality teams to address a variety of department wide and campus wide issues. OOE an offer training on group effectiveness, consultation on strategic planning, will facilitate departmental retreats, and provide individual and leadership coaching. 405-0724