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effective communication and collaboration skills

The organizing framework for this concept analysis utilizes a modified version of Walker and Avant’s eight step procedure (2005). The aim of this concept analysis was to determine the attributes, antecedents and consequences and develop an operational definition of learner presence in online nursing education. The outcomes of this analysis will be used for research aimed at empirically validating the existence of learner presence in online nursing education and, when validated, measuring and determining the relevance for student success.

During the early fourteenth century, the word presence wasderived from the Latin “praesentia or being present.” The definition included “carriage, demeanor, and aspect;” and in the sixteenth century expanded to include “a divine, spiritual or incorporeal being felt as present” ( Online Etymology Website, n.d.) Modern day definitions include: “being present or in proximity with” ( Unabridged Website, n.d.). Synonyms include: attendance, company, occurrence, incidence, existence, being there, dignity, charisma, aura, authority, poise, air, bearing, comportment, mien, apparition, spirit and manifestation (Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, n.d.).