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Ecosystems Initiative

You want to succeed. We want to make it easy for you to find that path. Whether you wish to improve an area of curriculum, achieveNAEYC/NAFCC accreditation or increase your PA Keystone STARSrating, we can help you meet your goals. We offer an exceptional array of workshops, leading-edge conferences, and programs of the highest quality to help you to achieve best practice.

Our expert professional development staff has extensive background in each area and is Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS) certified.

Professional Development opportunities in the Southeast Regional Key(SERK) start at just $14! We offer a wide variety of professional development trainings and are committed to ensuring that all practitioners have opportunities to pursue further education and increase their qualifications.

Are you trying to find Professional Development opportunities for yourself or your staff? Contact Caroline Campana to learn more about our current offerings.

Career Advising

There are limited resources available for practitioners in the field of early childhood education to gain information on furthering their career within the field. We provide career advising opportunities for practitioners to understand the STARS career lattice, understand professional development, gain information on opportunities to gain a CDA and to learn what opportunities and resources are available for higher education.

To learn more or to find out how to bring these resources to your program, contact Caroline Campana.