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Earth’s energy budget and climate system

f you have a passion for holistic environmental management, this four-course certificate program is for you. You’ll get a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of environment management, including science-based decision-making, impact and risk assessments, and conflict resolution. You’ll discuss current theory and best practices in a range of topic areas, such as climate change, water security, energy resources, and urban environments. You’ll learn how Canada can best protect its fisheries, agricultural land, forests, wildlife, and parks. You’ll explore complex issues such as mining development and waste management, and health and economic impacts of environmental exploitation. You’ll examine the important role of Canada’s Indigenous peoples in environmental management. You’ll apply the theory you learn as you develop a more strategic approach to management that makes colleagues and partners feel included and enthused.


  • Get a thorough grounding in current theory and practices of environmental management.
  • Know what can be done to protect Canada’s fisheries, agricultural land, forests, wildlife and parks.
  • Analyze and deconstruct current case studies with a more strategic eye.
  • Gain practical skills in risk assessment, impact studies and more.
  • Develop a collaborative, inclusive approach to management.


  • Explore the basic premises and best practices of environmental management and sustainable development.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice when deconstructing current Canadian issues.
  • Emerge better equipped to develop strategic, collaborative and inclusive solutions.