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Drilling Down to Subledger Details

Reviewing Budget Balances in a Detail Budget Inquiry

When you perform a budget inquiry on a detail budget, you can view the summary balances for the specified range of periods. You can also drill down to the detail balances in the budget.

Note: You can customize this folder form to show the Budget Inquiry information you need. Refer to the Oracle E-Business User’s Guide for more information on modifying and saving folder forms.

To review balances for a detail budget:

  1. Enter your budget inquiry criteria, specifying a detail budget.
  2. Query a Summary Account for the inquiry.
  3. Choose the Show Balances button from the Budget Inquiry window.You see the period-to-date (PTD) Balance for every period in the inquiry range, for the detail budget and summary account you specified.
  4. Choose the Detail Accounts button to review the detail balances that roll up into the summary balance for the selected period and detail budget.

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