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A situation analysis workflow for cultural heritage first aid is given below ANALYSE COLLECT PLAN Situation analysis 29 Context of the emergency 1 Which province, region, or country is involved? Find the exact geo-coordinates of the area concerned. 2 What is the primary hazard that caused the emergency? 3 Which secondary hazards could cause more damage to cultural heritage in the affected area? 4 Which social, economic or political vulnerabilities could make heritage more susceptible to damage? Example: bad roads could prevent a timely response, or a breakdown in law and order could expose heritage to the secondary hazard of looting. 5 What stage of the situation are you in? a. Is it the pre-emergency phase (e.g. an early warning for a volcanic eruption has been issued)? b. Is it at the outbreak of the emergency (e.g. riots have begun, a storm is underway)? c. Is it in the immediate aftermath of a natural hazard event or of a man-made hazard event, such as a bombing incident?