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Domestic Violence Shelters and Minorities

Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs) are agencies that objectively collect, analyze, and disseminate justice data. They contribute to effective state policies through statistical services, research, evaluation, and policy analysis (See our parent organization, JRSA, at : ( Every state has a designated SAC which is housed in various governmental agencies and in some cases universities. The North Carolina Criminal Justice Analysis Center is the state designated SAC as determined by the Governor. For a list of other SACs refer to the JRSA website above.

What is the role of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Analysis Center?

The Analysis Center conducts original research and program evaluation in an effort to assist the Governor’s Crime Commission in attaining its mission of serving as the chief policy advisory body to the Governor and the Secretary of Public Safety on all matters related to crime and criminal justice. Founded in the mid 1970s, and placed within the Governor’s Crime Commission, this unit has conducted policy relevant research which has helped shape numerous statewide criminal justice initiatives. Examples include: Reformation of the state D.W.I. laws, evaluation of multi-jurisdictional drug task forces, creation and expansion of the School Resource Officer concept, developing community policing for urban and rural law enforcement, formulating a statewide definition of domestic violence, examining disproportionate minority confinement in the juvenile justice system, directing granting strategies for after school programs and community based alternatives, and conducting numerous assessments for the purpose of establishing a statewide criminal justice information network