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Discuss the effects of homeschooling for the female population.

Introduction and Thesis

Public education and private education cannot be denied to be important in the education of individuals in the society. However, the concentration on either side has not been good and especially for the females. Boarding schools in which only one sex is admitted have been disadvantageous to women as they are not taught as much as men. Private education, which includes homeschooling, has also not been good for the female population. Therefore, in this paper, I intend to prove that( a combination of public and private education will be necessary for ensuring that the girl child is educated effectively just as the boy child.)


I came up with this topic for different reasons. The first reason is that men are more educated than women in the society. The second reason is that boarding schools have taught individuals characters that are not good for the community. The third reason is that homeschooling by parents has taught children about adulthood which is not good for their growth.

How to Prove the Thesis

-The effects of homeschooling will be discussed in the paper.

-The effects of boarding schools will be presented in the paper.

-The consequences of admitting only women or men in a boarding school will be considered.

-The effect of mixing males and females in education will be discussed.

-The current education forms between men and women will be found.



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This article talks about the disadvantages of homeschooling which includes the effect of parents.