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Discuss Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theories

TOPIC:                       Applying Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theories

OBJECTIVES:            The objectives of the assignment are for students to demonstrate:

Understanding of sociological theory,

Application of sociological theory,

Ability to create an effective argument,

Ability to communicate ideas in writing, and

Proper use of citations using ASA style

DESCRIPTION:         For this assignment, you will:

Choose a specific current event (within the past six months) related to some form of inequality and find one news article about it from a newspaper, magazine, or news website. The event can have taken place anywhere in the world. Choose something that really interests you!

Choose one of the following three classical theories:

Functionalism               Conflict Theory            Symbolic Interactionism


Choose one of the following four contemporary theories:

Feminist Theory      Critical Race Theory     Post-Colonial Theory   Queer Theory


Write 1,000-1,500 words explaining how each of the two theories that you chose would explain the current event and making an argument for which of the two theories you think provides the best explanation for the event. You should not rely on direct quotations to explain your theories and make your arguments. Writing in your own words demonstrates your understanding of the material.

LENGTH/FORMAT: Between 1,000-1,500 words. Double spaced in a 12-point font. You do not need to include a title page, but the first page of your submission must include your name, tutorial section number, UofT email address, and UofT student number.