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Discovering Cell Mechanisms:

Shared Interests and Overlaps
There are shared interests with Xenobiotic and Nutrient Disposition and Action (XNDA). Applications concerning drug or herbal-induced liver injury or alcohol-drug interactions are best reviewed by XNDA. Applications that focus on the pathogenesis of alcoholic liver injury and other liver diseases should be assigned to HBPP.

There are shared interests with Integrative Nutrition and Metabolic Processes (INMP) Applications focused on cholesterol and lipid metabolism on liver development and diseases may be assigned to HBPP whereas applications focused on metabolic processes may be assigned to INMP.

There are shared interests with Virology A and Virology B (VIRA & VIRB). Applications concerning the cellular and molecular biology of HBV/HCV viral replication: attachment and entry; gene expression and regulation; viral genome replication; viral assembly and maturation; egress should go to VIRA & VIRB. Applications that focus on liver pathology, liver cell autophagy or necroptosis associated with viral infection may be assigned to HBPP.