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Development and Implementation of Environmental and Safety Management Systems

 managers today have less freedom in management matters which only yesterday they would have regarded as a private matter for themselves to decide; eg plans for modifying their plant within their own boundaries, what raw materials and processes they should use, or how the waste generated (or the plant itself at the end of its useful life) should be disposed of; more and more restrictions are being placed at international or European level on goods and services that are allowed on the market because of the risks (real or perceived) that they entail; ignoring or riding rough-shod over society’s concerns may cause markets to collapse, give rise to calls for bureaucratic checks and entail legal proceedings and loss of reputation. it is more important than ever before that the management of health and safety risks be integrated in the overall management process itself, now that it is increasingly the norm to look at the health and safety record of a firm to get an indication of the quality of its management overall