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Developing partitioning algorithms

Cost/benefit analyses

Architects are generalists. They are not expected to be experts in any one technology but are expected to be knowledgeable of many technologies and able to judge their applicability to specific situations. They also apply their knowledge to practical situations, but evaluate the cost/benefits of various solutions using different technologies, for example, hardware versus software versus manual, and assure that the system as a whole performs according to the user’s expectations.

Many commercial-off-the-shelf or already developed hardware and software components may be selected independently according to constraints such as cost, response, throughput, etc. In some cases, the architect can already assemble the end system unaided. Or, s/he may still need the help of a hardware or software engineer to select components and to design and build any special purpose function. The architects (or engineers) may also enlist the aid of other specialists— in safetysecuritycommunications, special purpose hardware, graphicshuman factorstest and evaluationquality controlreliabilitymaintainabilityavailabilityinterface management, etc. An effective systems architectural team must have access to specialists in critical specialities as needed.