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developing motor and social skills

In addition to the above research, Buckley (2006) explains a research done by The Down Syndrome Educational Trust in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth throughout 15 years. The research demonstrated that inclusive education has significant benefits to children that include social, academic and communication skills. The researcher concludes that Institutions should provide inclusive education to children with Down Syndrome. The study further explains that there are no educational benefits of taking a child to a special school. This is because the children in mainstream schools had progressed more than their counterparts in special schools. Additionally, for many years, teachers have been reporting concerns when it comes to the type of teaching strategies to employ. Issues such as resources, support, and different planning issues are experienced by educators while trying to come up with effective teaching strategies for children with disabilities.

Down Syndrome has been identified as the highest genetic cause of intellectual disability according to research done by Glasson et al. (2002). It is therefore essential to focus attention on how various educators can employ teaching strategies in educating children with Down Syndrome while at the same time making sure they include the children in mainstream schools. Having inclusive teaching strategies and classrooms in elementary schools helps children with Down Syndrome to improve their communication skills and to attain a greater level of social competence. Teachers have found that so that there can be effective inclusion; there must be a change in learning and teaching strategies used.

To better understand the best type of teaching strategies to use for elementary school children with Down Syndrome, it is essential to identify the current methods used in classrooms and schools. In this research, therefore, the researcher will document the experiences that teachers have had when they include children with Down Syndrome in their classrooms. These experiences will be important as it will enable the researcher to fill the understanding gap existing in this area.