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developing and disseminate occupational exposure

NCGIH originally limited its full membership to two representatives from each governmental industrial hygiene agency. In 1946, the organization changed its name to the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) and offered full membership to all industrial hygiene personnel within the agencies as well as to governmental industrial hygiene professionals in other countries. Today, membership is open to all practitioners in industrial hygiene, occupational health, environmental health, and safety domestically and abroad. In January 2013, ACGIH® members approved an amendment of the organization’s Bylaws, which created a single category of membership – a voting member – who must be employed at least 50% of his or her time in occupational or environmental health and safety. At its first meeting, NCGIH created nine standing committees. The committees were charged to address the important industrial hygiene issues of the pre-War era: appraisal methods; relationships with industry, labor, the medical profession and other agencies; technical standards; education; uniform reporting of occupational diseases and other illnesses among workers; administrative development of state activities; industrial health code; legislation; and personnel. Over the next five decades, some of these Committees evolved and expanded, assuming different titles; some became the purview of other organizations or agencies; and some achieved their goals and ended their active roles. Today, nine ACGIH® Committees focus their energies on a range of topics