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determining your academic major or explore an area of increased interest while helping you to plan your career.

What are some of your favorite career-related resources to share with students?:

There are so many great books and resources, but these are great places to get started!

Information and News:

UCSB’s Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC) Grad Post: The amazing and dedicated staff at the GSRC publish the grad post especially for UCSB graduate students to give you all the information you need to know. Subscribe here. (link is external)
Chronicale of Higher Education (link is external)
Job Search:

Academic Job Search: Vitae (link is external)
Non-Academic Job Search: Gabriela Montel put together a great article on the Chronical of Higher Education about discipline-specific job search engines (link is external)

What piece of advice do you have for Ph.Ds? Master’s students?:

There are a few myths about Ph.D. programs: 1) A Ph.D. prepares you for any job and 2) a Ph.D. prepares you only for an academic job. These myths perpetuate the fear many graduate students have with finding a job. While true that Ph.D. programs prepare you with a special skill set, there are many transferable skills and talents that are gained in graduate programs that can fit a variety of jobs in and outside a universities-setting. Often getting help sorting out or re-adjusting career paths can help alleviate stress and aid students in becoming a competitive applicant.

I think master’s students sometimes believe that their “big career decision” is now behind them since they are in graduate school and that their job prospects are straightforward. More often than not, there are more questions that arise as students see more doors opening. For some, getting help navigating those career decisions (and getting help making job application materials excellent) can help greatly.

My biggest advice is to not ignore that nagging part of you that is questioning the path you are on or that part of you that is worried about finding a job. It’s never too early (or too late for that matter…) to start thinking about your career and where you want to work. You don’t have to do it alone either- come see me in drop in or schedule an appointment!