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demographic changes in the workforce,

Quality management of disabilities comes with an increase of aging employees. Studies over time have shown that disabilities occur more often in older employees.  Using this knowledge, employers cooperate with older employees to help develop disability programs for not only the older generation but younger generations of employees with current or future disabilities, leading the employer to retain disabled employees that may still provide quality work but face a disability that limits them to perform the job functions in the same manner as other employees not facing disability.  Accommodations may involve working from home or providing audio and visual aides to any acoustically or visually impaired employees.  Providing accommodations for our soldiers both young and old who served us is the least the public and the employers of our country can do as thanks for their dangerous and difficult duties.

Employer Practices for the Aging Workforce

Organizations may use different practices and policies to respond to the issues of an aging workforce.  These strategies include methods for conducting workforce assessments, disability management, retention, training, workplace flexibility, and reducing the likelihood of discrimination.