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default basic processing program

TextEdit is a word processing program that includes the most essential elements for creating text documents. In addition to basic input and page layout, Text Edit lets users select text style, create formatted lists and automatically check spelling. While TextEdit is often compared to simple editing programs such as Microsoft WordPad and Notepad, it includes more advanced features, including the ability to add tables, graphics and media files into the document.

Pages is a fully-equipped word processing program with advanced tools for editing, layout and graphics, including a table of contents generator and proofreading feature. Pages offers a range of templates that allow quick input of text and images. Since Macintosh programs are designed to synchronize conveniently with one another, tasks such as importing and editing images or updating spreadsheets are extremely simplified. To avoid communication issues with other computer users, Pages documents are compatible with Microsoft Office and vice versa. Other forms of document sharing supported by Pages include instant web publishing and e-book publishing.