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decentralized decision making.


While the previous three types of organizational structures may work for some organizations, another hybrid organizational structure may be better for startups or small companies.

Blending a functional structure and a flat structure results in a flatarchy organizational structure, which allows for more decision making among the levels of an organization and, overall, flattens out the vertical appearance of a hierarchy.

The best example of this structure within a company is if the organization has an internal incubator or innovation program. Within this system, the company can operate in an existing structure, but employees at any level are encouraged to suggest ideas and run with them, potentially creating new flat teams. Lockheed Martin, according to Forbes, was famous for its skunkworks project, which helped develop the design of a spy plane.

Google, Adobe, LinkedIn and many other companies have internal incubators where employees are encouraged to be creative and innovative in order to promote the company’s overall growth.

A benefit of this system is it allows for more innovation company-wide, as well as eliminating red tape that could stall innovation in a functional structure. As for the negatives, the structure