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DBMS performance tuning

Decision support data requires managers to _________ and to ________ the data in different situations.

[removed]a. understand, acquire 
[removed]b. accept, reject 
[removed]c. drill down, roll up 
[removed]d. input, output

Multidimensional _________________ refers to the processing of data in which data are viewed as part of a multidimensional structure, one in which data are related in many different ways.

[removed]a. data analysis 
[removed]b. user requirements 
[removed]c. organization layout 
[removed]d. data charts

which of the following is NOT a major component of the Business Intelligence framework?

[removed]a. Management 
[removed]b. People 
[removed]c. Location 
[removed]d. Processes

Which of the following is NOT a key performance indicator in BI?

[removed]a. Earnings per share 
[removed]b. Employee turnover 
[removed]c. Same-store profits 
[removed]d. All of these choices are key performance indicators. 

A data cube that grows to n number of dimensions is known as a _____________.

[removed]a. cloud cube 
[removed]b. multidimensional cube 
[removed]c. hypercube 
[removed]d. special cube

On which level of the BI framework is data analytics used?

[removed]a. data visualization 
[removed]b. monitoring and alerting 
[removed]c. queries and reporting 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.