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database system

A _____ view is a dynamic table that not only contains the SQL query command to generate the rows, it stores the actual rows.

[removed]a. composite 
[removed]b. user’s 
[removed]c. virtual 
[removed]d. materialized

______ integrates people and processes using technology in order to add value to the business.

[removed]a. Knowledge 
[removed]b. Business Intelligence 
[removed]c. Database Design 
[removed]d. Information

_____ is a framework that allows a business to transform data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.

[removed]a. Information 
[removed]b. Business Intelligence 
[removed]c. Database Design 
[removed]d. Knowledge

From the data analyst’s point of view, decision support data differ from operational data in what three areas?

[removed]a. volume, time, reply. 
[removed]b. time, granularity, dimensionality. 
[removed]c. usage, support, consistency. 
[removed]d. differentiation, degree, support.