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Here’s list of Questions & Answers on Database Management System with 100+ topics:

1. Questions and Answers on The Relational Model

The following sections contains various questions on dealing with the concept of Relational Model. These include relational and database schema, keys and relational query operators.

Relational Database and Database Schema 
Relational Query Operations and Relational Operators

2. Questions on SQL : Queries, Constraints and Triggers

The sections contains different set of questions on SQL basics, set and null value operations, database modifications, views and transactions, different types of integrity constraints, joins, nested subqueries and aggregate functions, schemas and data types, triggers, functions and procedures and different queries and aggregation features.

SQL Basics and SQL Data Definition
SQL Queries 
Basic SQL Operations 
Set Operations 
Null Values Operations 
Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries 1 
Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries 2 
Modification of Database 
Join Expressions 
Integrity Constraints
SQL Data Types and Schemas
Access SQL From a Programming Language
Functions and Procedures
Recursive Queries and Aggregation Features

3. Questions and Answers on Relational Algebra

The section contains questions and answers on different concepts of relational algebra. These include domain and tuple relational calculus.

Relational AlgebraTuple Relational Calculus and Domain Relational Calculus

4. Questions on Database Systems Design and Implementation

The sections contains questions on E-R model, E-R design, constraints, atomic domains and querying databases like DDL and DML.

The Entity-Relationship Model
Entity-Relationship Diagrams
Reduction to Relational Schemas
Entity-Relationship Design Issues
Extended E-R Features
Querying database part-1 DDL
Querying database part-2 DML
Atomic Domains

5. Questions and Answers on Normalization

The following section contains questions and answers on different normal forms, multivalued dependencies and decomposition algorithms, user interfaces and different application programs.

Normal Forms 
Functional-Dependency Theory 
Algorithms for Decomposition
Multivalued Dependencies
Database Design Process 
Application Programs and User Interfaces

6. Questions on Database Programming Techniques

The section includes many questions on fundamentals of web programming, JSP and servlets, application performance and security, application encryption and architecture.

Web Fundamentals 
Servlets and JSP 
Application Architectures 
Rapid Application Development
Application Performance 
Application Security 
Encryption and Its Applications

7. Questions and Answers on Storage and File Structures

The section contains questions and answers on different storage structures like physical, flash, tertiary, data-dictionary and file structures like RAID, file record organisation and database buffers.

Physical Storage Media 
Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage 
Tertiary Storage
File Organisations 
Organization of Records in Files 
Data-Dictionary Storage 
Database Buffer

8. Questions on Indexing and Hashing

The section contains questions on index definition, bitmap and ordered indices and various hashing techniques.

Ordered Indices 
Hashing Techniques 
Ordered Indexing and Hashing
Bitmap Indices 
Index Definition in SQL