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Data Sharing Initiative

How it informs program evaluation: As an Exit Exam, TAMUCT masters students were tested over their level of knowledge related to the students learning outcomes: (1) Human Growth and Development, (2) Social and Cultural Foundations, (3) Helping Relationships, (4) Group Work, (5) Career and Lifestyle Development, (6) Assessment, (7) Research and Program Evaluation, and (8) Professional Orientation and Ethics. The Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) has been chosen by TAMUCT as a measure of whether students outcomes were reached. The CPCE, which is the professional standardized examination for graduate students, was administered to masters in Clinical Mental Health student candidates at the end of their course work. The CPCE exam is offered three times a year (spring, summer, and fall). Data below represents scores from the corresponding semester during the 2015 and 2016 academic year. Assessment of outcomes included individual total score on the CPCE and mean scores on the student learning outcomes listed above. A minimum result of a individual score of 1 SD from the National Mean (for each testing period) is used to determined whether the individual student had successfully completed the CPCE for TAMUCT program requirements. Further assessment of mean scores per specific content area were reviewed to assess how well the program curriculum and instruction may or may not be addressing the target area. The program utilized a 1 SD from the National Mean (per content area) as an indicator. Content area mean scores resulting in lower than 1 SD from average scores (as compared to the national mean scores) will be targeted for the upcoming academic year to determine any areas of improvement in the curriculum and/or instruction. The tables below represent CPCE data from students enrolled in both the 48hour Counseling and Psychology track and the 60 credit hour Clinical Mental Health Counseling track.