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data integrity constraints

A(n) ________________________ is one in which all data integrity constraints are satisfied.

751794110561795110[removed]NULLCOMMIT****     A(n) _______________ optimizer uses a set of preset conditions and points to determine the best approach to execute a query. The conditions assign a “cost” to each SQL operation; the costs are then added to yield the cost of the execution plan.[removed]a. user-based [removed]b. query-based [removed]c. rule-based [removed]d. cost-basedWhat database statistics measurements are typical of environment resources?[removed]a. The logical and physical disk block size [removed]b. The location and size of data files [removed]c. The number of extends per data file [removed]d. All of these choices are correct.____________________ describes a process on the server side that will properly configure the DBMS environment to respond to clients’ requests in the fastest way possible, while making optimum use of existing resources.[removed]a. User performance tuning [removed]b. Entity performance tuning [removed]c. DBMS performance tuning [removed]d. SQL performance tuningHow are database statistics obtained?[removed]a. Automatically by the DBMS. [removed]b. Manually by the DBA. [removed]c. All of these choices are correct. [removed]d. None of these choices are correct.Which of the following is NOT a phase the DBMS goes through when processing a query?[removed]a. Parsing [removed]b. Execution [removed]c. Compiling [removed]d. Fetching