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data analysis methods in behavioral research

The Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology offers fellowships for students from underrepresented groups to attend statistical summer institutes. For the purposes of these SMEP Underrepresented Student Workshop Fellowships, underrepresented groups are defined as Latino/a, African American, or Native American. These awards are limited to $1,000 per student per year and are limited to students who self-identify as African American, Native American, or Hispanic/Latino. They are intended to support workshop attendance specifically, not just conference travel per se

Procedure for Securing Support

To apply for workshop support, students should complete the web form below. Students should be notified by the workshop award coordinator of their status within one month.

Expenses Supported by Receipts

Workshop support can be used for tuition or travel to the workshop. After attending the workshop, the award recipient must submit a reimbursement request along with supporting receipts using the web form below. Questions about the reimbursement process should be directed to the SMEP Financial Officer, Dr. Laura Stapleton

Other Allowable Expenses

The award recipient may claim $45.00 per day for per diem expenses (meals), $0.585 per mile for use of a personal car to and from the airport (or the cost of a taxi to and from the airport), and parking at the airport. The per diem and personal car mileage expenses can simply be claimed (with no receipts required).

Workshop Expenses in Excess of the Workshop Award Amount

If expenses related to attending the workshop are over $1,000.00 and there are any additional sources of funding to cover these expenses, then the award recipient should submit only those original receipts and documentation of other allowable expenses that total the $1,000.00 that SMEP will reimburse. The award recipient may then use the remaining receipts to be reimbursed from other (non-SMEP) sources or for tax purposes.

Questions or Comments

For questions about the travel award, please contact the SMEP Underrepresented Groups Student Workshop Award coordinator, Dr. Jeremy Biesanz