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culture of integrity with our values

At KPMG, our promise of professionalism to each other, our clients, and the capital markets we serve, compels us to align our culture of integrity with our values, words, and actions.

By setting high standards for ourselves, and our clients, our commitment to upholding KPMG’s values is clear: There is never a situation when compromising our standards is either expected or acceptable. To support our culture of integrity, KPMG has developed a robust ethics program that includes our Code of Conduct.

KPMG’s Code of Conduct – Promise of Professionalism

Our Code of Conduct defines the values and standards by which KPMG conducts business. It is designed to provide partners and employees in the U.S. firm with a clear understanding of the standards of conduct that pertain to our respective roles in the firm; the Code of Conduct is intended to be a road map to help guide our actions and behaviors at KPMG. Our Code outlines the resources available to help each of us fulfill our personal responsibility to both understand and comply with the firm’s standards.

Every year, all members of our firm are required to affirm their agreement to comply with the Code of Conduct. Additionally, all partners and employees complete mandatory training that reinforces the principles of the Code and further builds understanding of the firm’s expectations. Through the Code of Conduct and the vigilance of all of our partners and employees, we continue to work hard to maintain a culture within KPMG that values integrity in all areas of our organization.