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Cultural Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore and Popular Culture

  1. 11. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignThereforetheculture of a period can becarefullystudiedifideasaboutits• Culturalwork• Socialcharacter• General patterns of activityandvalues• Structure of feelingarerecovered. Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  2. 12. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignHowever it seems notpossibletoknowalltherecordsevenmostspecialistsknowonly a partof them. Therefore, thereneed a selectiveprocess. Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  3. 13. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignEveryoneliving in theperiodwouldhave hadsomethingnolaterindividualrecover. That is the sense oflife in whichthenovelswerewritten. SelectionSelectivetradition – fromwhole body of activities,certainthingsareselectedforvalueandemphasis Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  4. 14. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignSelectivetraditioncreates;• A general humanculture• Historicalrecord of a particularsociety• A rejection of considerableareas of whatwasonce a livingculture. Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  5. 15. Toreach a realimage of a certaincultureAlltheelementsmentionedshould be seen in certainrealrelations
  6. 16. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignSelectivetraditionNewspapers: SocialcharacterThe Times, Sunday Papers, Dispatch, Chronicle Dominant social character (Middle-class)Literature Belief in the value of workDickens, Charlotte, Emily Bronte, Kingsley, Disraeli A class society (social status by actual status not by birth)Social history Sanctity of marriageEstablishment of a popular Sunday pressThe growth of new kind of periodicals Alternative social characters (Aristocratic andDevelopment of minor theatres working class)The rise of the music-halls 1940sTechnical changes InEnglandSteam printingRotary pressesInk-blocking on clothPolitical historyChartist movement Structure of feelingFactory legislations Looks in novels and popular fictions SuccessInstitutional developments MoneyBeginings of public museums, libraries, parks etc Wealth Love Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  7. 17. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial Design Thankyouforyourattention… Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013