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critical strategic analysis of the Strategic analysis

A DESCRIPTION OF BASIC FIRM FACTS (“BASIC DESCRIPTORS”) This section often begins with a brief historical overview of the firm. This is useful because moststrategy is path-dependent: the firm’s strategic alternatives, at least in the short-run, are constrainedby its current resources, the industry, or industries, it is in and its current strategy. This may include aconcise explanation of how the company got to where it is now, including a chronology of thedifferent businesses the company is in. This is particularly useful for corporate-level analysis.Next, provide some context about each business of the firm. This can include, for example,its ownership, where the firm is located in the flow of goods from basic inputs to final consumers, the6products or services, customer segments, and the products/services of other firms in the same business.The specific elements that should be covered are: the ownership and control situation, a flow of goodsor supply chain, business-specific product-customer matrices,