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Crime and Victimization Among North Carolina’s American Indian Population

But the guidance goes much wider than that. It completely overhauls the guidance
produced when ASBOs first came out, offering you a single point of reference for all
the questions which arise most frequently when an ASBO is being contemplated or
applied for. Supplementary information will also be made available on the Crime
Reduction Website.
Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts
And the guidance also, for the first time, offers practitioners a ready source of
information and guidance on acceptable behaviour contracts. I cannot praise too
highly the professionals in local authorities and police forces, in Islington and
elsewhere, who came up with the concept of the acceptable behaviour contract and
made it work. It is hard to think of a better example of local initiative bringing
practical results in the whole field of social policy. This guidance is written in the belief
that ASBOs and ABCs are not competing alternatives: the circumstances of the case
will determine which is the right intervention – and you, the professional, are the right
person to make that decision.
All of this is of course undermined without the effective enforcement of ASBO
breaches by the court. Those who continue to bring fear, distress and misery to local
communities should not go unpunished. Sentences should reflect the seriousness of
the crime and do so in a consistent manner. Without this communities are denied the
justice to which they are entitled and ASBOs are deprived of their powerful deterrent