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Cost estimates and specifications needed for servicing a laptop.

As a lab technician, there will be times when you must deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to a client. One day, a client stops by with a laptop in need of servicing. The laptop cover, well-worn from years of wear and tear, was cracked, and when you lift the cover, the screen flickers as Windows 7 loads; then, you hear a grinding noise that appears to be coming from the hard drive. In less than a minute, the system crashes, you are staring at a dark screen, and then the system begins to reboot.

You notice that the laptop is a ThinkPad T43, and you are surprised that the laptop has lasted this long. The client

mentions that the computer beeps after booting up, locks up, and then reboots—just as you experienced. Prior to this problem, the computer was slow to boot up, and there were loud grinding noises. The client expresses some frustration about not being able to upgrade to the latest operating system or play some of his favorite online games, and he mentions that he purchased the laptop in 2005.

ThinkPad T43 specifications:

 Model: Lenovo ThinkPad T43

 Manufacture date: 2005

 Hard drive: HDD 30 GB

 CPU: Intel Mobile Pentium M 730

 Memory: 2 GB (2 SDRAM SO-DIMMs)

In an APA-formatted paper, provide the following:

1. Discuss your troubleshooting theory.

2. Discuss your recommendation or solution for the client.

3. Provide cost estimates and specifications as needed.

4. Address the client’s frustration in not being able to upgrade to the latest Windows OS or play his favorite online games.

Your submission must be at least three pages in length, not including the title page and the reference page

You are required to use at least two resources to support your ideas. One source must be from an Online Library, and the second source can be the course textbook or a reliable source from the Internet. A reliable source would come from a website or online resource that educates end-users on best practices when they are working on a