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Copperbelt Energy Corporation

Linkages with Energy Development Agenda The 7NDP acknowledges that energy plays a key role in facilitating activity in all sectors of the economy and further asserts that the country needs to diversify its electricity generation mix and increase its electricity supply from all sources of energy. Development outcome 4 of the 7NDP specifically outlines the need to improve energy production and distribution for sustainable 16 development; three specific strategies relate to energy access and renewable energy as described below. i. Enhance Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity To enhance the supply of electricity for economic development, infrastructure development will be promoted. The objective is to expand and improve electricity generation, transmission and distribution, as well as encourage the development of small and mini/micro hydro power stations. Further, the government commits to promote the establishment of an open and non-discriminatory transmission access regime in the electricity sub-sector, implement a cost-reflective electricity tariff regime and adopt the electricity grid code. ii. Promote Renewable and Alternative Energy This strategy aims at promoting the development and use of renewable and alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and nuclear as a way of diversifying the energy mix and improving supply. In doing so, it envisages the preparation of renewable energy resource mapping and promotion of the development and use of renewable energy technology systems, and the elaboration of a comprehensive national energy strategy including a master plan for sustainable alternatives to charcoal and other household energy needs. iii. Improve Electricity Access to Rural and Peri-Urban Areas This strategy focuses on the promotion of rural electrification programmes to enhance rural development and increase access to rural and peri-urban consumers at an affordable cost.